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My name is Paul Howey. I have been a Christian for over twenty years and I am the author of the material on and

As far as a little history, I’ve taught from the institutional church pulpit numerous times in a couple churches. Among many hats that I wore in various congregations, I was director and leader of a praise and worship team, did quite a bit of solo music and directed a weekly local Christian television show. I taught classes, made guest teaching "appearances" at Youth Group, and pretty much ran an entire media "ministry", etc., all while being spiritually, emotionally and financially abused by an authoritarian church system without even realizing it at the time. I had spent about twelve years in the system of manmade traditions and teachings before I left it for good. I have not turned back since.

A major betrayal by one "senior pastor" had helped spark the rather lengthy process of God finally waking me up to study and rethink church authority (and many other issues), this time according to what the Bible teaches rather than what is popularly taught. I've been out of the system for about five years now with lots of study and time thinking on God’s Word.

As far as “background”, if you are wondering by what authority I teach, it is by the authority of Jesus Christ, just like every other Christian has the same authority, right and responsibility to do. I believe in the ministry and ordination that every Christian already has from God. This is what the Bible teaches and so I do not pursue degrees, letters of recommendation, man made ordination papers or other meaningless accolades of men.

God's wisdom from the Bible always wins hands down compared to the worldly thinking of the average theological "doctor" or PhD. Of course there are some Christians who have legitimate PhDs and use them quite appropriately, but these people are usually few and far between. Most wear these titles as badges of false authority contrary to Matt 23: 8-12 and do much harm with them. Naive Christians are often very taken in by such things and often blindly follow these people because of their “impressive” degrees.

Today in addition to writing and teaching, I host and facilitate a small biblical home church where like-minded Bible-believing Christians can grow in the faith unfettered from authoritarian regimes and unhindered from dictators who have a hidden agenda of building their own personal empires. I operate as a non-authoritarian (non control-based) biblical pastor / elder who is nothing more than a total equal with all the others. We have differing roles and functions (as opposed to offices and elite positions), but no one is more important than any other.

I simply point to what the Bible teaches and encourage obedience to the Word without adding man made rules and regulations. No manipulation. No fear tactics or mind control. No tithe teaching. No extortion of money. No punishment for non-compliance to man made rules (there are no manmade rules!). This is church as it was meant to be. The freedom that we enjoy is immense. It is a wonderful, safe and healthy thing to operate within obedience to what the Bible teaches rather than getting all caught up in man made religion.

Church decisions that affect others are made in loving consensus not by dictate or rule. This means that we seek agreement, we seek to be of one mind and one understanding regarding what the Scriptures teach, just as the Bible commands that we should all agree. Ever member has an equal voice and all are greatly valued, not in lip service but in actual practice. All members have a platform to be heard by the whole church and all are encouraged to cooperatively argue and defend any Bible-based position that they have by bringing sound biblical precedents for any views that they wish to express. This is a church that can operate autonomously because they are not addicted to a so-called "leader".

Very few professing Christians are interested in being part of a real church like this. Most are not interested in such no-cost joyful simplicity and so there are very few of us. What most Christians want is the unbiblical complications of a Broadway show, lecture hall or business disguised as a church and so that is what they gravitate towards. While we have had a number of other families and individuals in attendance, they come and go. So most of the time meetings consist of just our immediate family. There are just not enough so-called "opportunities" of a "big church" to suit most Christians that we meet.  I guess they would rather be robbed and abused so they can feel good while they play church.

If you think my articles or audio messages are too strong in tone, please understand that in the Bible we see Jesus calling the Pharisees a brood of vipers and white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones. Many “Pastors” and “Elders” today can easily be likened to modern day Pharisees who, just like the Pharisees of old, have made the Word of God of none effect by throwing out what the Bible teaches in favor of the traditions of men. My words towards these men are nowhere near as strong as those of Jesus. Additionally, we see the Apostle Paul and other disciples using very strong words towards those who were doing damage to the Gospel or to the Body of Christ. These men are our examples as well.

If you think I am overbearing or narrow minded in my views, please remember that the Bible tells us to trust and obey the Scriptures and stand our ground. We are commanded to test all things according to the Word and to reprove, rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. In order to do this, we must judge whether things are Biblical or unbiblical. This has absolutely nothing to do with inappropriate judgment (such as judging things according to one’s personal opinions) or hypocritical judgment that the Bible condemns.

For those of you who have written in asking about my background and for others that may be interested, I hope this helps.

-Paul Howey