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Did you know...

No other book contains genuine prophecies, let alone hundreds that have already come to pass exactly as foretold EXCEPT the Bible? Do you realize that this establishes a mathematical impossibility that the Bible is a fake written by mere men and proves that what the Bible teaches is true? AND, did you know that not one other alleged “holy book” actually “nails itself down” in the detailed way that the Bible does, giving so many verifiable facts like places, dates, times, events and other things that can be researched to prove that what it says is true? Well the Bible does! In fact all other “holy books” contradict the Bible and teach dangerous things.

Thankfully, built right into the Bible is irrefutable proof that the Bible is God’s only inspired writing on earth and undeniable proof that God exists and is truly our Creator - the only one true God, He who is the Maker of the heavens and the earth. These proofs include the prophecy of Jesus’ birthplace, the prophecies about how He would die and dozens of others. Think about it –It would be ridiculous to think that Jesus could have faked fulfilling the prophesy of His own birth place, a prophecy written hundreds of years before He was born Micah 5:2, the date of which is historically verified. Or, could Jesus really have faked fulfilling the numerous detailed prophesies about His death, such as the fact He would die by crucifixion? Psalm 22 And, crucifixion wasn’t even invented at the time of the prophecy! These are just a few of the many incredible prophetic proofs in the Bible.

Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of historical, archaeological and scientific evidence that also proves that the Bible is divinely inspired and entirely true. For example - historically, no other book of antiquities has anything remotely close to the thousands of ancient manuscripts in existence as the Bible has to verify its authenticity. Archaeologically, much evidence has been unearthed to verify the accuracy of Bible events and nothing has ever been found to disprove it. Scientifically, even with all the arguments throughout history about the earth being round or flat, over a thousand years before man discovered it for himself, the Bible told us that the earth was round or spherical Isaiah 40:22 and it hung upon nothing (outer space).Job 26:7   So all that said, if what the Bible says is really the truth, don't you agree that we ought to read it and heed its warnings?

Here’s the problem: