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Here is an edited excerpt from a letter that I wrote today in answer to someone who emailed me asking about modern day apostles and prophets, as well as about another subject that I addressed in a different article. (Please note that I never include any personal information or the identity of anyone who writes to me, nor do I include any of their ideas or words in my writings.)...


As far as apostles and prophets, yes, non-authoritarian church-planting apostles (lower case “a”) are still at work today. These are not popes with control over everyone else. Capital “A” Apostles, the faithful men who God wrote the Bible through are not with us in person today. But thank God their writings from God are! As far a prophets, we (Christians) are all supposed to prophecy but not all of us have the specific calling of prophet as given by God. Prophecy is a little different today than in the Old Testament.

Today, thank God, we have the written Scriptures and the heart of prophecy is to forth-tell God’s written Word. Running around trying to tell peoples’ futures like a fortuneteller is forbidden and is not Biblical prophecy. Many Christians have been swept away by the fear instilled by such false prophecies and have changed the course of their lives based on a false “word”. Lot’s of people, especially in Word of no Faith circles will come up to you and say that they have “a word” for you. Well, unless they are quoting the Scriptures or pointing out something that the Bible really teaches, they are giving no Word from God and have no right whatsoever to say “thus saith the Lord”. Why?

Any word from God must be authoritative, inerrant and verifiable (just like the Bible). Such a “word” from people lacks all three of these characteristics. Also, what many think is prophecy today is nothing more than presumption and assumption, or worse, even the occult at work. But every time that you remind someone of what the Bible really teaches compared to what they are doing or are involved in, you are truly operating in the prophetic. Every time you uphold Gods Word and defend the faith, you are operating in the prophetic. Someone with a somewhat “fierce” or bold and outspoken corrective ministry such as myself could be considered a prophet by calling. But none of us are in the same league as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, etc. The cannon of Scripture is closed and God is not writing any additional Scriptures through us.

I hope this helps. Let me know if I can answer anything else. I hope we can talk again.

Paul Howey


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