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More and more I am seeing a strange new “freedom” and “love” movement infiltrate the church with disastrous results. These people who I call “the new flower children” subtly and systematically move unwary Christians away from trusting the Bible towards trusting them instead, but astonishingly they do this abominable thing in the name of loving the Bible and loving Jesus.

Today, not unlike the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll hippies of the 1960’s (but of course without the illicit sex and drugs – I hope), and not to be confused the Jesus People movement which was started decades ago, now we’ve got professing Christians sitting around in a drug-like stupor all goo-goo eyed about a false Christ, and who are absolutely convinced that they love God with all their hearts as they unashamedly “do their own thing” and verbally bash His Bible, His doctrines and His commands.  Many of these people really do love their Jesus with all their hearts. But their Jesus is not the real Jesus of the Bible. That’s the problem.

The new flower children talk endlessly of the heart, relationships and “love” from a purely human perspective. Partly because of this and their attractive beguiling claims, many unwary Christians, especially younger adults, have fallen into this fast growing movement. This movement is nothing new.  It’s just a repackaged form of an age-old error.

The new flower children give lip service to the Bible and if they recognize anything that the Bible teaches at all, they recognize only the Biblical doctrines that they happen to agree with. The rest they throw in the garbage. Gullible people hear all their fancy lip service and are carried away by the enticing tune of these pied pipers. The undiscerning don’t realize that these people do not obey and therefore do not love the real Jesus who is the Word of God. These groups have discarded all or at least the majority of the Bible, yet they give the impression that they are solid safe Bible believing Christians. Not so!

The leaders within the new flower children movement often gain the confidence of wood-be followers by correctly pointing out things that are wrong with the church only to use this a springboard to lead these people even farther astray than they have already been misled. It’s sad to say but many of their followers would have been better off staying right where they were in the middle of a dangerous authoritarian church as bad as that is. This is because to leave an unbiblical authoritarian dictator (who at least does not publicly deny the Bible verbally), in favor of going to a group that continually bashes and maligns the Bible outright, is definitely a step in the wrong direction. Of course I am not advocating that anyone stay in an authoritarian church. My point is they are going from very bad to even worse.

Now, if you tell the new flower children otherwise, if you warn them that you cannot create your own Jesus to suit your own tastes, if you tell them that Jesus Christ is the Word of God and therefore you cannot separate Christ from His Word (see John 1:1, John 1:14 and Rev 19:13), ironically, these incredibly “loving” people will often hate you with a passion. I have run into a number of these characters so I know this quite well from personal experience.

Many of these people have left institutional churches and have formed or joined home churches. So their involvement tends to give some concerned onlookers a very bad impression of the concept of home church in general. There are good home churches and there are bad ones. The new flower children form bad ones or if allowed to, turn good home fellowships into disastrous ones.

Of course I am not accusing these people of doing any of this intentionally. On the contrary, for the most part I don’t think they have a clue. I think many of them are trying to love God but clearly they are not loving the true God of the Bible. I think they probably mean well and have good intentions but again, as the old saying goes, they are sincere but sincerely wrong.

They Redefine God and the Meaning of Love

In fact, I think in most cases that these are highly deceived people who partly, because of their flippant and disrespectful buddy-buddy attitude towards God and His Word, take latitudinarian license to redefine God, His love and His Word to suit their own peculiar liking. These guys treat God like their next-door neighbor. They have no fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. And that is just the beginning! Many of these people cannot remotely come to grips with the fact that God is a God of love and a God of judgment and wrath (which believe it or not is still part of His love). They cherry pick the Scriptures for things that they like about God and throw out his other “scary” attributes. In effect, they create and promote a false one-sided god of “all love and no-judgment”, a “god” of their own making, a god that is nowhere to be found in the Scriptures and therefore is not the God of the Bible!

So naturally, they feel that this “god” of all “love” and no wrath would never punish them or hold them accountable for anything, so they freely license themselves to interpret and teach the Bible in any way that they please mixing in as many worldly principles as they like. But the Bible makes it clear that the Scriptures are not subject to private interpretation. Now of course, if you get God wrong, you get love wrong because God is love. And, if you get love wrong, you get God wrong because again, God is love.  So in the same way that the false god that they promote is not the real God of the Bible, the love that they teach is a counterfeit as well.

I am not saying that theirs is not a hyper-emotional feel-good puppy kind of “love”. It surely is. But a “love” that is not based on truth, commitment and obedience to God is no love at all. The Bible makes it clear that only those who keep God’s commands really love Him. And many marriages today, even in professing Christian circles, are falling apart because of a grave misunderstanding of real love.  Beware of the new flower children for they would like to teach you all about their idea of love.

Paul Howey

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