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In His grace and mercy, God often reaches down into a deep dark pit of problems to reach someone who truly loves Him or someone that He has chosen to help. This is by no means proof of God’s approval or validation of that place, namely a church assembly where this takes place.

In other words, just because some people are truly touched by God and grow in their faith (despite the “church” they attend), this is to be credited to God, not to the reigning error or political machine of men. Many pastors quickly jump onstage and take credit for whatever God does in the lives of those who attend their assemblies. These pastors attempt to use those situations as if these events were some kind of evidence to prove that “their” church is on track Biblically, claiming that their teachings and practices must therefore be approved of by God. But the fact that God works through a mess despite those who are responsible for it, is no proof at all of God’s approval of that mess. Just because God chooses to reach down into the deepest darkest pit and help someone, does not mean that He approves of the pit.

Many Christians cry, “But God is working through our church.” Great! But that doesn’t mean that your church is really on track or even safe to attend. Due to a lack of knowledge, many Christians misinterpret God’s working through the frailties, moral failures and false doctrines of men as approval of those problems. The simple fact is that in His vast mercy and grace, God works all things together for good for those who love Him, for those who are called according to His purpose (not the purposes of men). This working of good despite the folly of men is a massive demonstration of Gods love and power and is solely to God’s credit and not man’s.

Paul Howey

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