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Many Christians are looking for God to do something new while they reject what He has already done in Christ and through His Word. We would see a massive genuine revival of unprecedented proportions if Christians would just be content with the Word and read, study and obey the Bible instead of looking for something “more”.

Ridiculous unbiblical churches would be forced to close their doors and shut down. False teachers would no longer be able to deceive multitudes because Christians would know better and would finally stand up and do something about it. The needs of the poor would be met because billions of dollars would not be spent building and maintaining large lavish buildings.

By the way, this very popular practice is no were to be found in the Bible! The Apostles and other disciples were not real estate barons and had no interest whatsoever in building buildings. There isn’t a single example in all of the New Testament of the existence of any custom built church building. Christians primarily met daily house-to-house and secondarily in existing Jewish temples. There is no example in the Bible of any fundraising to raise money to build a building. What they actually did many times was to receive offerings to give to needy Christians and to other churches in need, not to build or to buy new chairs and carpeting for themselves! Much of the “church” of today couldn’t be more off-track in faith and practice in this.

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