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The blob is growing. It is oozing under doorways and slithering around corners. It is coming up through drainpipes and creeping in through cracks and crevices. It is on a mission determined to assimilate all who it touches. It feeds on and has absorbed millions upon millions of professing Christians and is growing to enormous size.

This isn’t the fictional fairytale blob of the movies, the Hollywood horror film monster that inflicts immediate discernable suffering upon all who it touches. This blob actually feels good to its victims and offers all kinds of seeming benefits. Those caught in its drug-like hold actually want to be there. The thing is: the blob wants you and wants you really bad. Each soul that the blob absorbs increases its size, wealth and motive power to assimilate more unwary souls. But you can remain free of its grip by studying and obeying the Bible.

Simple commons sense proves that just because something grows doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good. Weeds grow. Cancers grow. Viruses, diseases and epidemics grow. The blob grows. Did you know that some “churches” have actually titled certain men Assimilation Pastors? Pretty scary wouldn’t you say? Real life is truly stranger than fiction.

For the full text on this subject, see the article: "Is Growth a Sign of Godliness?"

This short article was formerly titled, "Beware of the Blob".

Paul Howey

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