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The Problem:

We are seeing a flood of unbiblical teachings and practices in the church today that are being passed off as if they were really part of genuine Biblical Christianity. Christianity has been and continues to be attacked on all sides, from outside and from within. False teachers abound who teach a counterfeit Christ and a counterfeit gospel. Refusing to study the Bible for themselves, many Christians from all walks of life and denominations therefore lack the spiritual discernment to detect these counterfeits and so they do not rise up and take action as Biblically mandated.

Instead of rebuking these men and women and expelling them from their fellowship if need be (if they refuse to repent), many Christians have succumbed to worldliness in the church, the spirit of error according to 1John4. This worldliness typically takes the form of liberal theology, seeker-sensitive consumerism (changing the truth and often adding amusements to attract recruits), pop psychology, self-help, self-esteem and religious humanism in general. Religious humanism is far more deceptive than secular humanism because religious humanism employs commonly understood religious terminology and jargon but with different definitions for those words having been cleverly substituted.  Christians think they are dealing with Christians because they hear the same lingo, not realizing that those people often believe in completely different definitions for the religious words they use. Most who use such jargon are unaware that they are believing in and propagating a false picture of Christianity.

Furthermore, worldviews have shifted from simply believing the Bible as the standard of Christian faith and practice (a Biblical world view), to believing men and the ways of the world instead (a worldly world view). Instead of casting unrepentant false teachers and false shepherds out of the church, many Christians not only pay them to do damage to the Body of Christ, but they also volunteer their time as well. Hence we have an epidemic of counterfeit leaders who are literally paid in money and time, and usually paid quite well to shipwreck the faith of multitudes. However, there are also many faithful under-shepherds who lovingly watch over God’s flock. These men are not to be confused with the counterfeits.

Not surprisingly, there has been an alarming rise of cults and abusive groups within Christian circles. Unlike the non-Christian cults, these groups call themselves Christians and claim to be teaching and practicing Biblical Christianity when they are not. Many claim that they have returned to the roots of real New Testament Christianity as seen in the Bible when nothing could be farther from the truth. Of course this is not denying that there are many members and even leaders that are genuine Christians that have been taken spiritually captive by these groups.

The Solution:

Return to the Word of God as our final controlling authority and sole standard of faith and practice and do what the Bible says. In other words, be obedient to the Scriptures. When I say the Word of God, please understand that I am not referring to some faulty paraphrase or one-man's commentary put to chapter and verse passed off as a real Bible translation (e.g. The Message), nor am I referring to the word of men disguised as the Word of God.

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