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Here are some of the older songs that I have written and recorded, mostly just demo quality.

(I am currently working on many newer and much more professional sounding recordings, many of the instrumental-only songs have already been completed. I plan to post new music at the new website as soon as the songs are ready.)

Lyric content of the music here ranges from general Christian subject matter to praise and worship, from songs that uphold sound doctrine and refute error to evangelistic songs and much more.

These are high quality (128kbs) MP3 files and are all complete songs, not short promo tracks. To download, just right click the download link and select "Save Target As". Some browsers may play or stream the file if you just click once while other browsers may give you options to either download or play the file upon a single click.

If you have a problem downloading a file, please contact me. I can always email it to you if necessary.

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Sail With The Wind

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File Size: 4.53 MB
Author: Paul Howey
Date Added: June 28, 2008
Date Updated: September 29, 2009
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Description: A subtle rebuttal to the erroneous river ďrevivalĒ movement, Sail With The Wind speaks of the real river of God, but only in a figurative symbolic sense. The wind in this song represents the Holy Spirit. If we truly follow the Holy Spirit then we will follow the real Jesus of the Bible and we will be obedient to His written Word. A true revival is marked by a return to Godís written Word, not a bunch of people acting like fools and claiming that itís the Holy Spirit thatís leading them.